Things To Do

Nuwera Eliya, fondly referred to as little England, is a place for quality tea, rushing waters, amazing views and a time for rejuvenation. Among many Nuwara Eliya villas, Cottage 42, is perfectly situated to enjoy the various sites and experiences.

Victoria Park
The Park is located within the town and was constructed in 1897 to mark the jubilee of Queen Victoria. It is an enjoyable visit for those that like a stroll while enjoying the flora and fauna. find out more
Gregory Lake
The lake is located about 1 km from the town and was built in 1874 by the Governor of the time, Sir Gregory. Enjoy boat rides and other activities spotted around the lake. find out more
Horton Plains
Although located approximately 24 km out of Nuwera Eliya, it is worth a visit to experience the famous Worlds End, with its panoramic views with a sheer drop of 1000m. Horton place national park reserve, is at an elevation of7200ft, and covers an area of over 7000-acres. find out more
Lovers Leap Falls
This waterfall cascades down from a massive rock of over 30-meters high. According the legend, a prince who was out hunting, met a beautiful young woman and fell in love Unfortunately, the parents of the prince objected and it is said that the couple plunged to their death from the top of the cliff – giving it its name, “Lovers Leap Falls. find out more